Sensory and Developmentally Based Therapy


Have you ever wondered, “How in the world will I get my kiddo to engage in therapy? He/she won’t stop moving?!?” Or, “My kiddo won’t talk, how will you get her to talk?” We have found that using normal activities such as climbing, swinging, rolling, blowing bubbles, or sitting in a hammock, for example, can help with treatment. For some kids, it lowers defensiveness, while others, it helps to support their nervous system, calming their bodies so they can engage in therapy. 


Healing Hearts has two sensory rooms available for individuals needing the space to assist with treatment. In addition, therapists have additional sensory-related resources to use in the traditional therapy rooms. We have found the use of these rooms to be successful in treatment outcomes as well as decreasing resistance to therapy. 


An additional informed consent is required for use of the rooms as well as a recommendation from you/your child’s Healing Hearts therapist.  

Due to Covid-19 - this service has been put on hold until further notice.

Due to Covid-19 - the sensory room has limited capacity.