Masgutova Neuro-Sensory-Motor Reflex® Integration (MNRI)

Primitive reflexes are developed in utero and are foundational for your brain development. Reflexes serve your development for two purposes; protection and survival during times of stress and trauma and building internal control and cognitive development.  


When reflexes are not fully matured or integrated, it results in challenges in daily living and learning.  Some examples are issues with a pencil grip, walking on your toes, poor memory, and delay in skipping, walking, swimming, and climbing. Reflexes can also be triggered to serve your bodies in times of stress, i.e. “fight or flight.” It is when these reflexes are triggered but they remain on that you will see developmental lags. Examples are a startle reflex, walking on your toes, poor stress management and lack of ability to pause or stop and being overwhelmed by tension or emotions.


When the reflexes’ protective response kicks in, your awareness and ability to interact with the world is diminished.   This happens even when there is no immediate danger. These compensatory responses can result in having a decreased attention span, poor cause & effect thinking, problems with motor skills (movement), anxieties and troublesome behaviors.


Healing Hearts uses The Masgutova Method MNRI®, a set of programs and techniques that can help restore reflexes. When your reflexes are restored they can profoundly and positively impact your emotions, cognition, physical development, communication, and behavior.


At Healing Hearts, the Masgutova Method MNRI® is helpful in addressing the following conditions:


·      Lack of boundaries

·      Startling easily

·      Attachment issues

·      History of trauma

·      Clumsy or uncoordinated behavior

·      Unmotivated behavior

·      Avoidant behavior

·      Hitting (chronic hitter)

·      Poor articulation

·      Bedwetting


Healing Hearts assessment process is used to obtain information to ensure accurate treatment recommendations. Our assessments are made up of 3 appointments for clients under 18 and 2 appointments for adult clients.  An assessment is required to access any service or therapy at Healing Hearts Family Counseling Center.